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For those who havent yet heard of the new entertainment craze, it is a live music event where sound is played to wireless headphones worn by the audience. Some call it quiet clubbing and others call it silent disco. In either case, if you experience one of these events youll understand why everyone is starting to do them. Its a truly unforgettable event, explained Jacob Reisch, CEO of Party Headphones and a senior in Cornell Universitys Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

Having become popular overseas, quiet clubbing is now expanding in the United States. After noticing this fast growth, Reisch and partners saw an opportunity to create a business that helps everyone host a silent disco. Some friends and I wanted to throw a silent disco but couldnt find the equipment anywhere. All the companies focused on producing the entire event so we had no option. Thats why weve made an instructional guide to silent disco and our company focuses on helping anyone host their own event, Reisch added.

The company has now worked with clients such as the Museum of Modern Art, Elon University, Nestle and CyberCoders to facilitate events from New York City to California. The plan moving forward is to offer silent disco equipment for events across the country and make the technology more accessible to those who want to host their own events.


Have A Rocking Event Without Disturbing Your Neighbours 

How many times have you had to abruptly end a party which everyone is enjoying because of the neighbour’s complain about the loud noise? Well those days are over with the concept silent disco. A silent disco has everything common with a regular party; with only one major noticeable difference- apparently there is no music. But this silence is only till a pair of headphones is in your hands. Those without the headphones hear no music. The new phenomenon, has become a popular option to the traditional Club night or private events.

In a silent disco party guests dance to music which is listened on wireless headphones rather than through a traditional speaker system. A silent disco becomes an unforgettable experience be it for birthdays, music festivals, bar mitzvahs, corporate events or others. The concept of silent disco Australia too has caught up with more and more Australians opting for such parties. If you are someone who is looking to hold a silent disco party and need headphones for your silent disco in Sydney or any other part of Australia, then you can contact the leading firms in the country and either buy your own equipment from them or even rent out their headphones.

These leading firms handle rentals and sales of equipments for disco parties anywhere in Australia & New Zealand. Backed by their 5 years of experience in the field, these leading firms completely understand the finer details of equipments which can make provide their clients with equipments that are comfortable, durable and equipped with vibrant sound. No longer do the guests have to uncomfortable and bulky headphones which deliver mediocre sounds. Rather guests can enjoy the music by opting for state-of-the-art wireless headphones which offer them with a comfort and durable design and delivers up to 8 hours of crisp, full spectrum sound to their ears.

Customers get to choose from 2 styles of multiple wireless headphone namely – 2 & 3 channel systems at these Australian firms. The first type of headphone can play up to 3 channels and has a transmitting range of up to 120m while the second headphone has 2 channels, with LED indicator light to show what channel is being played. With over 2000 headphones at hand; these firms are equipped to provide headphones for silent disco Sydney or any other city to outdoor fitness groups, tour guides, for conferences, outdoor cinema and also for educational and home purpose.

The headphones of these leading firms are eco friendly and rechargeable and are extremely simple to connect. These can be connected to a DJ mixer, iPod, iPhone, iPod or any other device with a headphone socket or audio out. Customers renting or buying headphones from these leading firms in Australia simply need to call or e-mail these firms for free event consultations. Interested Customers can simply place their bookings before an event and these firms make sure to deliver the headphones a few days before the actual event so that their clients can have a rocking event without disturbing anybody.



Imagine a party where everyone is dancing and singing but no music can be heard until you enter the party and put on a set of headphones provided at the door.  All of the sudden you are immersed into a audio sensory experience that brings the music to life in a way that you have never experienced at an event before.  

Now take it up a notch by adding two channels to choose from with two DJ’s playing different genre’s of music.  It’s dueling DJ’s and you choose the music you want to listen to.  

The headphones have color coded led lighting to let you know what the other people are listening to as well.  

It’s as fun to watch as it is to participate.  Take off the headphones for a casual conversation and get a laugh while the crowd sings alone with the music in silence. This is people watching at it’s best.


The range on the headphones is approximately the length of a football field and can cover multiple levels and rooms, offering even more creativity and diversity for venues and party planners.  Charge times last about 6 hours.