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Get the best out of 2 worlds in the Silent Disco. A party atmosphere for those who want to dance and listen to loud music while those wanting to chat and relax, can do so without having to shout to be heard.

Get ready to witness the Silent Disco phenomenon!

At the Silent Disco you get a wireless headphone, giving you the possibility to choose between 2 different types of music. Someone dancing to electro and other to swing, its very alien and you risk having a smile on your face 🙂


Silent Disco: A alternative way to party. When you wanna chill or have a chat with afriend, it is simple, don’t forget to take your headphones off and enjoy the odd espectacle the silent disco offers. Just watching is entertainment in itself!

Silent Disco Berlin


How or where to organise a Silent Disco? 

A Silent Disco is really quite simple. First you need a space, a nightclub, area at a festival, a park, a boat, a street. Its possible to organize a silent disco almost anywhere. Now instead of using the sound system we hand Silent Disco wireless headphones to everyone. Live DJ’s then play as normal but the sound is delivered instantly to the headphones. You can also just plug the transmitter to one laptop or two laptops and let a playlists run. The participant at any time can switch between the DJ’s at the touch of a button. The end result is a couple of hundred people all singing and dancing together but to different music!

The Silent Disco Experience comes in many flavours. You can use Pirate Disco services for Nightlclubs, Weddings, Private Parties, University Balls, Art Exhibitions, Silent Cinemas, Silent Gigs, and even Children’s parties


If you want to bring the Silent Disco show to your festival, club, party or even to your house, feel free to contact us. It is also possible to rent Silent Disco equipment for all kinds of special events and parties.  

Silent Disco Berlin

Silent Disco Berlin

Silent Disco Berlin


Silent Disco Berlin


Silent Disco is a surreal party experience where (usually due to noise curfews) the music is pumped through distributed wireless headphones instead of the speakers. a crazy sight to behold, even crazier to partake in.

Shake your groove thing on the dance floor at the back of the hall. Grab a pair of wireless headphones and dance to the music of a live DJ. The thing is, only those wearing the headphones are hearing the music. Even if you don’t like to dance, the Silent Disco will bring a smile to your face!

Silent Disco: Whether you’re practicing your moves or just in the mood to slam dunk da funk, grab a headset, select your tunes and dance until you drop. The Science Museum does not accept responsibility for the quality of some of the moves you will see this evening.

Silent Disco is a clubbing concept where dancers are provided with personal wireless headphones which can be tuned in to listen to a DJ, or sometimes switch between DJ channels (unlike a flash mob silent disco where the participants would be listening to personal music via portable devices). The concept of a silent disco earns its name because any outsider walking into the event would see a venue full of people dancing, yet hear no music, hence silent disco. Overall this makes for an experience like no other, strange at first but simple to get involved with.

Silent discos are being more regularly used in festivals all across the globe and taking festival goers by storm. Silent discos are specifically successful at festivals as they provide an alternative party which can continue until late without much disruption to locals in terms of noise.

Remember it is not just for festivals or clubs but for anyplace that noise will disrupt nature or other public or private party concepts! With a silent disco the cops won’t get called because of a noise disturbance 

We’ve had thousands of people in city and town centers partying late into the night just meters from apartments without disturbing. Although a Silent Disco is not truly silent, as the crowd will sing and talk, because we produce no amplified sound including the loud bass, the sound produced is only a fraction of a traditional sound system.


The Silent Disco equipment can be used in the following events:


On festivals Silent Disco offers a heaven of concentrated sound experience for the participants. With the two-channel option it possible to let two DJ’s play simultaneously. The people choose on their headphones which tune they want to listen to.


Outside in the garden or inside in the living, Silent Disco at Home is always a party. With both the one-channel and the two-channels show, you can offer visitors an exclusive club experience. 


Whether taking over the whole venue or simply a side room for another attraction to your venue, Silent Noize is the perfect way to offer your punters a completely unique clubbing experience! With 3 DJs on stage next to each other playing 3 completely contrasting genres, witness a truly mind blowing visual and aural sensation as dance styles clash and each DJ competes for control of the audience.


Tired of going to the same old house party? Silent Noize offers the perfect solution with a totally unique and fun filled experience for everyone in attendance. No need to worry about keeping the neighbours up, Silent Noize is (yes you guessed it) totally SILENT!!


Show movies outdoors, at drive through cinemas with no noise pollution or even show more than 1 film in the same room at the same time. Silent Cinema is an exciting new way to watch film and TV. Our equipment has been used for huge outdoor film events, indoor TV screenings and even music video launches. The transmitters can simply be plugged directly into a DVD player or laptop so the setup is incredibly straight forward and easy to use.


Silent Noize specialise in University and College Balls and Parties. We have got a team of versatile DJs, engineers, event staff and photographers to help run and organise your event. Our Silent Disco team have a wealth of experience in doing this type of event so to make yours a bit different and one to remember then Silent Noize is the answer!


Make your special day one to remember by having a Silent Disco at the reception! You can either switch the speakers over to the headphones to offer your family and friends something different for the end of the night, or go the whole hog and have a completely silent party. Worried about there not being enough variety in the music? Problem solved, with 3 channels to choose from you can be sure to satisfy every taste from younger sibling to Nan and Granddad!


Pirate Disco Berlin isn’t just for the adults, kids can join in too and we have found that it is in fact extremely popular amongst the younger generation who always enjoy something a bit different. Over the past 3 years we have done a host of birthday parties for kids and they have always gone down a storm.


Who said that the silent disco headphones have to be used for a party!?? Open your mind to a world of possibilities for our headphones. From curating museum exhibitions to working on art installations, our multi-functional wireless headphones have got many more uses than you might first think. With top quality sound and excellent range they can be used on many different and alternative projects.


Experience live music in a totally unique way with a silent gig! 2 or even 3 bands can play live in the same room, even on the same stage but there is no sound clash, each member of the audience can tune in to whichever band they fancy – let the battle of the bands commence!


You provide the music, we supply the headphones! You hire the equipment from us and provide your own favourite DJs or simply put a playlist on your laptop, ipod or cd player, plug in the transmitters and away you go! The equipment is so simple to set up it’s easy to do on your own.


Sit back and let Pirate Disco take care of your event for you. Customise your booking with a range of DJs and music to suit your choice. We have 2 or 3 channel wireless headsets available for hire along with a roster of professional DJs, top of the range DJ equipment, lighting, smoke machines and more. We have a wealth of experience organizing events large and small and a team of hard working, professional and enthusiastic people, including DJs, promotional staff, engineers, and assistants to make your event a total success.