Silent Disco Berlin – Is the Original Concept Creator.

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Silent Disco Berlin – Is the Original Concept Creator.

The Silent Disco concept is becoming more and more popular all over the world. But it was not always that way. Here a little background story on how it all started.

As a teenager i was constantly being kicked out or denied entry into clubs, discos, parties because i was just too wild. Pretend to dance was not my thing :). If the music was right, the rebel in me just made me jump around like nobody else could… it was frustrating not being able to enjoy a party whenever i wanted.

Forward to year 2000, the idea of breaking free from clubs and discos just hit me. Why going to a disco, club if we can dance with headphones anywhere and everywhere we like?

I build a pirate radio… but had no money for headsets. So i searched for an investor.
What, a headphone disco? Get out of here!. Such thing does not exist. 
Duh! but thats why i want to create it. bc it does not exist yet

Nobody believed in it except for one guy that run away with my project, label it Silent Disco & made his 1st silent disco 300 m from my home. He traveled allover the World and made my project famous under his label. 
What a great inventor i am, he told the whole World. 
He just forgot to tell everyone that the only thing he invented was the label.
The rest? its my Brainchild.

Think twice before sharing your idea, concept, creation. They may like it