Rent Silent Disco Equipment

Get the best of two worlds in the Silent Disco. A party for those who want to dance and listen to loud music and those who want to chat, relax and enjoy the show.

Rent Silent Disco Equipment

Celebrate until the sun rises and create a fantastic atmosphere. Silent Disco makes it possible to celebrate parties more and more, without disturbing potential neighbors.

Rent Silent Disco Equipment

To dance to „no music“ looks funny and crazy. But if you put on the Silent Disco headphones, the skewer turns around. Then you look funny and crazy yourself… 🙂

♫ Silent Disco, Silent Party Equipment – Enjoy great sound without cables ♫

♫You would like to organize an event with our headphones or have an idea for which you need an offer? ♫


1 DJ – with 2 or 3 music styles 3 DJs for the price of 1 – Our DJ can manage 2 or 3 different music styles at the same time. This is a cost effective way to get the Silent Disco with 2 or 3 channels. Also possible 2, 3 DJs – with 2 or 3 music styles Anyone can see who is listening to which channel via LEDs. So the DJs see directly how their mix arrives at the audience. DJs in battle against each other

Silent Disco ♫ Neonlights Headphone

Silent Party professional equipment 3 channel wireless headphones

Silent Disco is a surreal party experience in which the music is not pumped by loudspeakers, but by previously distributed wireless headphones.

Whether you’re practicing your moves, or just in the mood to slam a Dunk Da Funk, grab a pair of headphones, pick out the right tunes and dance until you fall over! Silent Disco Berlin does not take responsibility for the quality of some movements that you will see this evening.
LED Lights

LED detection by 3 different colors

Sinal distance

Reception  about 150 m


Volume control on the headphones, max. 80 dB

Betriebszeit Akku

Operating time battery


Professional equipment 4 channel wireless headphones

More and more Silent Disco, headphone parties are seen around the world and they are taking party goers by storm. Silent Disco, headphone party are particularly useful at open air parties, events, because they allow an alternative party that can go on into the wee hours without disturbing neighbors by noise.

A Silent Party does not produce amplified sound such as loud bass but a Silent Party is not really that silent or quiet because people will sing and talk. Nevertheless, the produced noise is only a tiny fraction of a traditional sound system.
No lights – 4 channels

4 verschiedene Kanäle, keine Lichter

Signal distance

Reception area about 150 m


Volume control on the headphones, max. 75dB


2 AAA battery – operating time 20 hours

Wireless Headphones for Silent Events

♫ Experience best sound without cables ♫

Silent Disco, Headphoneparty

Rent, buy wireless headphones

With a two or three channel option it is possible to play two or tree DJs at the same time. People decide on their headphones which sounds they want to listen to.

Rent Wireless Headphones

Silent Disco Berlin

Silent Kino an exciting new way to enjoy cinema. Silent disco headphones can be used for for small or big open-air film events. The transmitter can easily be plugged directly into a CD player or laptop, making the setup incredibly easy and accessible.

Rent Wireless Headphones

Silent Disco Berlin

Whether outside in the garden or in the living room, Silent Disco / headphone a birthday party at home is awill be fun. With the choice between different channel s, you offer your visitors, friends, family an exclusive club experience.

Rent Wireless Headphones

Silent Disco Berlin


Wireless Headphones For Silent Party ♫ Wireless headphone rental for silent events of all kinds

Silent Disco Headphones für Silent Kino 

Put your screen wherever you want – there is only something to hear on headphones! With Silent Cinema, open-air cinema becomes possible almost everywhere. With Silent Cinema, every guest can set  the volume exactly the he/she wishes

Silent Disco Headphones for Silent Yoga

Silent Yoga – You only hear the voice of the trainer and music that he / she play. It sound more like the voice of the trainer directly into your ears. This allows you to focus more on yourself and trainer instruction and not get distracted from anything else

Silent Disco Headphones for Silent Fitness

Silent Fitness – At these unique silent fitness events, you can switch in and out of different dance and cardio-based classes that will have you twerking to the beat and burning major calories.

Silent Disco headphones For Tourguide

Whether factory tour, sightseeing or museum visit – wherever you want to focus the attention of a group of people on a moderator or group leader, Silent Disco equipment offers a solution

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