🎧 Silent Disco 🎧 – The sound quality is better.

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🎧 Silent Disco 🎧 – The sound quality is better.

🎧 Silent Disco 🎧 – The sound quality is better.
When you hear the music through the wireless headphones at a silent disco vs. the big bass speakers at a club, you’ll definitely notice a difference in sound quality.

🎧 You can party at places you wouldn’t normally be able to.

🎧 Don’t like this song? You can change the channel.
You won’t be stuck listening to the same top 40 songs all night long at a silent disco. You have the power to toggle back and forth between genres

“If everyone’s jamming out to the green channel, I know I have to switch to that channel,”

🎧 It’s just fun.
You might be thinking, why go to a silent disco when you can just listen to your own music through your headphones at home? The real reason you go is for the social experience — meeting new people, making new friends and trying something new.

🎧 Dancing to “no music” looks funny and weird but when you put the silent disco phones on, the whole world changes. You became the funny 1 and a weirdo 2 🙂